Handle Wrapping Styles

  1. Spiral Nautical
    Spiral Nautical
    A two color styled wrap featuring a spiral pattern.
  2.   Nautical
    Nautical royal blue wrapping with blue and white turk knots at either end.
  3. 2 Section
    2 Section
    A nautical wrap with two sections of different colors as a turk knot between the two. Additional $10
  4. 3 Section
    3 Section
    Three sections of different colors in a nautical wrap, separated by turk knots. Additional $15
  1. Admiral
    A 2-3 color styled wrap with four link styled chains running down the handle. Additional $30
  2.  Braid
    A classic braid-styled wrap.
  3. French Braid
    French Braid
    A french braid down the middle of the neck of the paddle.
  4. Braided Nautical
    Braided Nautical
    A nautical styled wrap with braids featured as the nautical spirals. Additional $10
  1.   Custom Flag
    Custom Flag
    We have had experience doing other country's flags, including Greece, Italy, and Japan. Additional: With Lettering $25 Without lettering $15
  2. USA Flag
    USA Flag
    USA flag handle wrap. Additional $15
  3. USA Flag w/ Letters
    USA Flag w/ Letters
    USA Flag wrapping style with lettering. Additional $25
  4. Presidential
    Paddle is separated into four sections with different type of wraps and colors within the sections. Additional $30
  1. Commander
    A 3 section wrap with the center section different from the outer sections. Additional $30 Braided Coin show is Additional $10
  2.  Mariner
    A two color Mariner wrap. Additional $25
  3. Lettering
    We can include lettering and numbering into our wraps. Additional $20
  4. Custom Wrap
    Custom Wrap
    Send us your wrap idea and we will do our best to make it happen!
  1. Fin Wrap Options
    Fin Wrap Options
    1- Braid 2-Spiral Braid 3-Flag 4-Basic--- Flag Wrap is Additional $15
  2. Whale OD/Green
    Whale OD/Green
    Basic Wrap in 2 colors with Whale Knot Additional $10
  3. Whale USA
    Whale USA
    Basic Wrap in 3 colors with Whale Knot Additional $10
  4. Whale Navy
    Whale Navy
    Basic Wrap in Navy colors with whale Additional $10


Whale Knot
Braided Coin
If you are looking to add a coin to your paddle, the Braided Coin can be added to any kind of wrap. 
Additional $10
Whale knot can be added to any wrapping style near the blade of the paddle. 
​Additional $10.