How does someone show their appreciation, thankfulness, and love for others who are serving to protect their country each and every day? Founder and retired military man, Kyle Nyseth, shows his gratitude for the men and women who continue to serve the United States in all different forms. Navy Paddles is a business of military memorabilia that honors achievements and remembers milestones. With so many ways to say thank you to the service men, medical personnel, and law enforcement, a thank you is important. At Navy Paddles, enjoy customizing and creating a personalized gift for your hero or foundation. Beyond, each personalized gift of military memorabilia truly expresses the pride and appreciation you want to show through a big “thank you.”

Founder, Kyle Nyseth

Kyle Nyseth, owner/founder of Navy Paddles, retired with 22 years of service in the Submarine, Surface, and Expeditionary Warfare communities. Indeed, he provided paddles for his men and other supporting commands in the Naval Special Warfare Community. Now, through Navy Paddles, he continues doing this with custom military memorabilia. Remember, give back to military and civilians personnel with these beautiful pieces of craftsmanship. Sincerely, it shows appreciation for their contributions or accomplishments. Do a variety of things with these products. For example, these paddles have been given as gifts to civilians for supporting military foundations. In fact, the foundations that help wounded soldiers and their families get recognition. Truly, they make an honored and amazing retirement gift, enjoyed as a symbol of being part of the team for police and fire departments. Shop custom memorabilia today!

Military Proud

Kyle grew up in Wisconsin and returned after circumnavigating the globe as an Auxiliary Machinist Mate on different submarines for 11 years. Then, he proudly earned his commission in 2001. In addition, Kyle proudly remembers being DCA on the USS Duluth, taking the 15th MEU to Iraq for the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Afterward, he then joined the Naval Special Warfare Community until his retirement in January 2012.

Kyle’s father, Gary Nyseth, is a skilled craftsman. With 30 years of experience in making custom cabinets and furniture, Navy Paddles is set to give customers something special. Furthermore, Gary served in the Navy with the Attack Fighter Squadron VA22 during Vietnam. Together, they work as a team to laminate, route, sand, plane, varnish, and decorate these beautiful paddles. To conclude, the paddles are created with a level of quality and perfection that befits the military standard of excellence they are both familiar with.

Serving Military

Navy Paddles dedicates itself to serving the military and law enforcement communities and to those who have past served. Indeed, we pride ourselves in providing a beautiful way of honoring achievements and remembering milestones.

For generations, the military has used paddles as a symbol of teamwork. Specifically, as the Navy SEALs crash the surf in their Zodiacs during training, 3 men with paddles on each side, they all must work as a team to achieve the goal. Furthermore, if everyone does not paddle together, the boat will flip. On the whole, teamwork is the ultimate level of achievement in this objective. In fact, teamwork is the backbone of the Police and Fire Departments. In fact, other communities of the military experience it too. Together, our sacrifices achieve much and keep our country strong and free!


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